Alternative culture

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Alternative culture

For us, discovering Spanish culture means discovering the legion ways in which the works by our writers and artists form multiple facets of an infinite prism of texts and pretexts through which to understand and enjoy everything Spanish. We are your guides on that journey. We refer not only to culture but also to alternative culture, that inimitable preserve of minorities that view music, theatre and art as a unique and thought-provoking form of activism. At THINK IN SPANISH, we work with some exceptional experts in irreverent and entertaining alternative cultural expression: our friends at Producciones Infames.

Producciones Infames is a cultural activist company based in León. Its main goal is to stage cultural events unconnected with mainstream institutions or commercial interests, serving as an alternative and complement to more official cultural opportunities in the city. At present, the company carries out most of its activities at its main site, an entertainment venue equipped with a sound studio. The company is formed by professionals working in production, theatre, fashion, music and the visual and performing arts, and also includes audio and video technicians. These are all from León or have a longstanding connection with the city.

Producciones Infames has become one of the major players in alternative cultural activity in León, and therefore offers a direct point of contact with a lively element of León life which, due to its very marginality, is not always within the reach even of León’s own inhabitants.

Producciones Infames offers a rich and diverse programme of cultural activities and learning resources that includes the following:

  • Guided visits to city monuments (León cathedral, the MUSAC, etc.) and tours of the city centre led by experts who interact with our students and provide traditional and alternative interpretations of León’s heritage.
  • Drama workshops that enable students to practice and improve their Spanish pronunciation and learn firsthand about music production, cultural organisation and programming, design and the visual arts.
  • Exclusive concerts and stage performances for a limited number of spectators from León and for our students.
  • Encounters with artists (visual, performing, music, etc.) from León, at which students can ask about their approach to working in the city, visit their studios and learn their “recipes” for art.

In short, Producciones Infames is an indispensable ally in our Spanish immersion programmes, giving students a comprehensive insight into an alternative form of culture and offering a uniquely productive, entertaining and original way of interacting in Spanish.