Business Spanish

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Spanish for specific purposes: business

What do you need?

If you are a professional who needs to learn or improve your Spanish because you work in a Spanish-speaking country or do business with one, THINK IN SPANISH can offer you a customised learning path on one of our 2 to 4 week courses. We design a full programme tailored to your needs, helping you rapidly attain a high level of spoken and written Spanish.

Our goal is for our students to acquire and improve their communicative skills in order to function efficiently in a professional environment in Spanish. Our business Spanish programme encompasses a multitude of topics, including corporate culture, socialising with colleagues, negotiation, marketing, labour relations and many others.

Our courses

Each course is designed around the following basic structure:
Breakfast in Spanish, facilitated by a teacher, providing the opportunity to read and talk about the daily political and economic news.
Morning classes, taught by specialists.
Each programme is structured into unit plans that enable students to practice their oral and written expression, reading and listening comprehension, interaction and mediation skills.
The afternoons are devoted to activities in real-life contexts, including visits to companies and meetings with professionals and experts from different sectors, such as marketing, finance and HR.

Complementary tourism programme

We want you to play as well as work, so we also organise a fascinating social, cultural and dining programme.

We’ll take you to the cinema, theatre, concerts, debates and places of outstanding beauty or interest in León province, and to dine in exclusive restaurants to give you a taste of both traditional and creative cuisine. This is your chance to use your Spanish to really get to know us, learn how we see the world and discover how we enjoy ourselves.

And when you go…


We offer you a tutorial programme that will enable you to continue studying Spanish whatever your country of destination.
You will become part of our club, with access to our blog, regular updates and the chance to have personal online lessons with a teacher.
Or you could return each year, taking advantage of our tempting loyalty programme.