Two-week Crash Courses

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Spanish. Language and Culture



Intensive TWO-WEEK courses










As with our standard courses, Two-week Crash Courses  include classroom lessons combined with social and cultural activities to facilitate learning in authentic communicative situations.

Students Minimum age 18. Minimum Spanish level: A1 (Basic User)

Places available: 10 per fortnight and course. Minimum  group size: 6 students.

Starting dates: Every first MONDAY of the month. From September 2019.

Class units per two weeks
60 sessions. 55 minutes per lesson
50 lessons: Spanish language and culture
10 lessons: Spanish pronunciation and accent


Monday to Friday: 9:00-13:30 / 15:00- 17:00
Social and cultural activities will take place after 17.00 and at the weekends.



















Task-based approach. We teach our students to express themselves fluently in meaningful communicative situations. We incorporate real-life learning tasks and activities in the city. The variant of Spanish that we teach is educated, central-northern Peninsular Spanish. However, we ensure that our students are also exposed to different dialects and sociolects, enabling them to interact with native Spanish speakers regardless of their variant of Spanish.
Skills: Oral and written expression, listening and reading comprehension, interaction.
Dynamics: individual, pair-work and group activities.

Social and Cultural Activities

-Guided tour and wine tasting at a leading winery in the province of León.
-Theatre workshop
-Expert-led guided tours to four historical buildings and museums in León: the Cathedral, MUSAC (Museum of Contemporary Art), the basilica of San Isidoro, the Sierra Pambley foundation…
-Culinary performance
-Visit to Riaño (“León fjords”) or Las Médulas, a biosphere reserve in El Bierzo, a unique distric within the Province of León.
-Cultural activities will also include concerts, theatre and exhibitions being staged in León while the course is in progress.

Our cultural activities are intended to serve as an opportunity to learn more Spanish, so students are accompanied by a teacher and carry out tasks and exercises to promote their speaking and listening skills in Spanish, while at the same time enjoying a taste of León´s vibrant cultural and social life and interacting with Spanish speakers.

(If a programmed activity had to be suspended for one or other reason, it will be replaced by another similar one).








Director: Bachelor in Spanish Philology, specialized in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.
Experts professionals in the world of business, the arts, literature, music and technology.
Specific pronunciation and accent sessions led by an actor and drama teacher.






Accommodation  (optional)

Accommodation is provided in single rooms in University Halls of Residence which is located in the centre of the city. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included. Delicious and healthy menus.
Other facilities: fitness centre, conference hall, gardens, WIFI free, laundry room…








Aditional services






The registration fee includes:

  • Travel, accident  and health insurance. Required
  • Educational materials
  • Proof of  enrolment and assistance with visa applications
  • Travel from and to Madrid. Optional




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Terms and Conditions

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