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The city of Leon offers an outstanding variety of exciting cultural opportunities. Several major authors were born here, and every day brings a wide selection of concerts, exhibitions, plays, book presentations and poetry readings to attend, as well as many other cultural activities. There are also many annual festivals. Here, we list just a few of the venues that offer a CONTINUOUS PROGRAMME of events throughout the year, and indicate where to FIND OUT WHAT’S ON every day.


– City of León Auditorium

An innovative auditorium endowed with great artistic beauty. Almost daily programme of classical music, theatre, contemporary dance, opera and flamenco.

– El Albeítar

The University of León’s cultural centre, offering art exhibitions, cinema, music, dance and theatre.

– El Gran Café

This is the city’s main venue for modern music (rock, pop, folk, etc.), hosting several concerts a week.

There is a Jam Session every Tuesday.


Besides contemporary art exhibitions, every week the MUSAC hosts talks, films and performances.

– San Francisco Theatre

Located in a former convent, the theatre offers cinema, ethnic music and drama.

– León Cathedral International Organ Festival

Held in León Cathedral, these free concerts provide an opportunity to enjoy music played on one of the best organs in the world, only recently acquired.

– Eutherpe Foundation

Free classical music concerts played by young musicians.

– Sierra Pambley Foundation

Foundation and museum located opposite the cathedral, hosting a wide range of exhibitions and talks.


– Diario de León

Local newspaper with information on events in the “Culture” section.

– La Nueva Crónica

Local newspaper with information on events in the “Culture” section.

-Tam Tam Press

Independent digital platform aimed at promoting culture and providing an open space for artists.

– Leonocio

What’s on listing for León, with a focus on cuisine, sports and entertainment.