General terms and conditions

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General terms and conditions of the courses



Bookings must be made in writing and sent by mail (booking form).
Availability will be confirmed within a maximum period of 7 working days.
Once availability is confirmed, the client must pay an initial deposit of €300 and the contracted insurance fee, to be deducted from the full cost of the course.

The due date for full payment is 30 calendar days prior to the start of the course.
Once the client has confirmed a booking, the full cost of the course shall be converted to euros on the day that THINK IN SPANISH sends the booking confirmation document. THINK IN SPANISH shall apply an exchange rate based on the interbank rate on that day, with a supplement to cover foreign exchange risks.
Payment can be made by bank transfer.

If booking and confirmation occur within 30 calendar days prior to the start of the course, the full course fee must be paid immediately.

Fee changes

THINK IN SPANISH reserves the right to change the agreed course fee by up to 8% of the original fee if unforeseeable circumstances such as currency fluctuations, increases in transport costs or the introduction or an increase in tax (VAT) generate significant variations.
THINK IN SPANISH shall inform the client in a clear and comprehensible manner of any such changes.

If the increase exceeds 8% of the initially confirmed price, the client has the right to cancel the contract, at no cost, communicating this decision in writing and sent by mail, within ten (10) calendar days of being informed of the change, and any amounts paid shall be refunded minus administrative costs.

If the change involves a reduction in the initially confirmed fee, THINK IN SPANISH shall communicate this to the client and reimburse the difference in the client’s favour.


It is the client’s responsibility to obtain travel permits, visas and a passport or valid travel document for Spain. All clients must travel with the legally required documentation.
Once a booking has been confirmed and full payment has been received, THINK IN SPANISH shall assist clients with student visa applications and shall send the course documentation: LETTER OF ACCEPTANCE ON THE COURSE  AND CORRESPONDING INVOICE.
THINK IN SPANISH cannot assume any liability for the decisions made by embassies or customs as regards the issue of permits or visas. All conditions regarding visas, insurance, formalities and taxes are the responsibility of the client.


European clients can obtain the European Health Insurance Card in their country of origin, which is valid for all European Union countries, including Spain, for a maximum period of twelve (12) weeks.
All clients, whether European and not, must have with travel, accident and health insurance. For our clients’ convenience, THINK IN SPANISH can help arrange insurance through the ALLIANZ insurance company. THINK IN SPANISH shall inform clients of the insurance cover available when the initial booking is made and when it is confirmed. For two weeks, this costs €53 for European Union clients under 65 and €97 for clients under 65 from the rest of the world.


THINK IN SPANISH offers optional accommodation in conjunction with the courses. Depending on the type of course, this may be in a university halls of residence or a hotel. Accommodation is subject to availability, and if included, shall be confirmed at the time of booking. Payment of a deposit, which shall be variable according to the accommodation requested, is required to confirm the reservation.
Special diets or bookings for particular dates such as Easter may incur a supplement.


THINK IN SPANISH shall provide clients with all necessary course materials at the start and during the course.

SOCIAL AND CULTURAL ACTIVITIES. THINK IN SPANISH shall organise between four and eight cultural and social activities over the course. These activities are intended to serve as learning environments.

TRAVEL FROM AND TO MADRID. THINK IN SPANISH can arrange the return journey from Madrid to León, where the courses are delivered. Clients requiring this service must advise THINK IN SPANISH at the time of booking, to ensure seating availability. The journey will be by train.


At THINK IN SPANISH, we understand that in certain circumstances, clients may need to cancel their bookings.

1-If the cancellation is due to denial of a visa, the client shall immediately communicate this to THINK IN SPANISH, providing the documentation certifying said denial, and shall be refunded 100% of the amount paid. These terms shall not apply if the visa was denied because the client applied for the wrong category of visa to attend the course.

If a student applies for the incorrect visa category, it will be treated as a non-visa related cancellation (point 3).

2-If the cancellation is due to force majeure, defined as an extraordinary external event or circumstance beyond the control of the client that prevents one or both parties from fulfilling their obligations under the contract, the full amount paid shall be refunded.

3-In all other cases, the client may cancel the booking, but THINK IN SPANISH shall apply the following charges:
– €300 if the cancellation occurs more than 30 calendar days from the start of the course.
– 20% of the course fee if the cancellation occurs between the 29th and 15th calendar day prior to the start of the course.
– 40% of the course fee if the cancellation occurs between the 14th and 8th calendar day prior to the start of the course.
– 80% of the course fee if the cancellation occurs 7 calendar days prior to the start of the course.
– 100% if the cancellation occurs on the first day of the course or during the course.

THINK IN SPANISH can arrange cancellation insurance for clients in order to cover these contingencies, which can be contracted at the time of booking, but not afterwards.


The client shall adapt to the Spanish lifestyle as regards timetables, meals etc.
In particular, the client shall undertake to comply with the principles of conduct in Spain and the school, and shall avoid actions based on prejudice or stereotypes. The client shall undertake to attend class and observe prohibitions regarding smoking and the use of alcohol and drugs.
In the event of non-compliance with Spanish law or rules set by the school or places visited as part of the course, the client may be expelled from the course. In this event, the client shall assume the costs arising from early return, without prejudice to other liabilities due to fraud, negligence, etc.


All personal data supplied by the client shall be used exclusively to provide the services contracted by the client concerned or his or her legal guardian.
These data shall not be disclosed to third parties except under legal obligation, with the exception of insurance, accommodation and transport companies when the client has contracted these services. Clients have the right to access, rectify, delete and object to processing of their personal data, in addition to other rights recognised under current legislation. For further information, visit our website or email us at