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All our courses are based on a task-based approach. This means that we teach our students to express themselves fluently in meaningful communicative situations. We also leverage the possibilities of immersion to the full, incorporating real-life learning tasks and activities in León in all our programmes.

The variant of Spanish that we teach is educated, central-northern Peninsular Spanish.

Nevertheless, we ensure that our students are also exposed to and understand different Spanish dialects and sociolects, enabling them to interact with native Spanish speakers regardless of their variant of Spanish.

Whatever programme you choose, you will be assigned a tutor to guide your learning while with us, and subsequently to provide guidance on how to continue improving your communicative and cultural skills in Spanish by means of a specific self-directed learning programme.

We attach particular importance to including socio-economic and cultural aspects in our programmes, tailoring these to the goals and interests of our students.

Tourism and cultural activities in León city and province comprise another fundamental element of our programmes, which all include cultural, gastronomic and social events as a central feature of learning Spanish language and culture, rendering THINK IN SPANISH an excellent choice for language tourism in Spain.