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THINK IN SPANISH complies European Union Policy about data protection, particulary the REGLAMENTO  (UE) 679/ 2016 known as REGLAMENTO DE PROTECCIÓN DE DATOS and the law, Ley 3/2018 de 5 de diciembre de Protección de datos personales y garantía de derechos digitales.

THINK IN SPANISH systems are designed  to respect the Fundamental Rights, especially, right to honor and right to privacy. For that, THINK IN SPANISH complies also law  34/ 2002 de 11 de julio, de servicios de la sociedad de la información y del comercio electrónico.

According to the current  regulations , we  consider a valid consent if it is given by children between  fourteen and eighteen. It will be required their parents or legal guardians authorization for children under fourteen years old.

In no case, THINK IN SPANISH will ask for information about socioeconomic data of parents or personal information which are not essential for the provisión of services.

In the following epigraphs it is included detailed information about privacy policy for this site  users´ and  related  organizations.

Data protection responsible

Personal data of users are responsability of:


A. I. A. P. : CIF: 09759745V

Address : C/ Alférez Provisional, 2. 4º C. 24001 LEÓN (SPAIN)


Personal Data in this website treats  information given by the users in order to provide our services or  to ensure  that they can navigate  this webside. In addition, can use personal data to offer promotions that may interest the users and according to current regulations.

Time periods under consideration for retention of data

According to current regulations, personal data will be retained by THINK IN SPANISH depending on the provided service while  it lasts the contractual relationship or the responsabilities derived. After that time, the data will be destroyed and they will be retained the essential data for future claims.

Data treatment legitimation

The legitimation for treating personal data comes from:

-The interested has given consent. The navigation implies a especific consent when the users  authorized  the cookies to be used as described below.

-The contrat services between the interested and THINK IN SPANISH.

-THINK IN SPANISH is legitimated to treat personal data respecting fundamental rights of individuals.

Recipients of personal data

The recipients of personal data of the users are authorized by a contract in order to provide a  contracted service by the users or to improve their experience web browsing.

The data required will be:

-FORMS: name, email and other identifying information.

-NAVIGATION: IP, pattern of use of the web and web browsing habits.

The users personal data can be taken by the following companies which provide THINK IN SPANISH of maintenance services:



CIF: E24674988

Paseo del Parque 18. 24005 . LEÓN.




Email manager

MAIL CHIMP The Rocket Science Group LLC d/b/a

675 Ponce de León Ave NE, Suite 5000; Atlanta, GA 30308 USA

Web design


C/ Era del Moro, 1, 24002, León (Spain)

If you are customer, employee or provider and you request more information about personal data treatment you can send an e-mail to

We do not foresee third-counties cessions out of The  European Union.

Rights on your personal data

The  interested users  may exercise the rights to access, amendment and cancellation of their personal data. Also, in certain circumstances, the interested users may request the 

limitation of the processing of personal data and its  tranfer to another entity.

Because of special conditions of the user, he or she can oppose to their personal data treatment. In this case, THINK IN SPANISH will delete any information relating to them.

Also, the interested users have the right to make a complaint with Agencia Española de Protección de Datos, when they consider that their right to data protection has been infringed.

If the users want to exercise the rights to access, amendment, cancellation and opposition of their personal data, they may adress to THINK IN SPANISH, C/ Alférez Provisional, 2, 4º C, 24001, LEÓN (Spain).

For more information you may send an e-mail to

THINK IN SPANISH reserves the right to modify this privacy policy to adapt it to future legal changes.

This Privacy Policy has been updated on 1st October, 2019.