In-Company Courses for Organizations and Companies

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THINK IN SPANISH offers SPANISH COURSES for professionals with interests in Spain and Latin America or working in Spanish companies and organisations. These courses are delivered on-site at company premises and are intended for company employees who need to learn Spanish or improve their command of the language.

THINK IN SPANISH designs bespoke courses in collaboration with each client’s human resources team. As a result, our programmes extend beyond general and business Spanish to also include other aspects aimed at ensuring that employees acquire a fluent and effective command of Spanish in relation to each company’s main areas of interest, responsibilities and corporate culture.


Our bespoke courses also place particular emphasis on the importance of intercultural competence, which is a crucial skill for professional and corporate success in a globalised business environment.

As regards our teaching methods, our courses offer the opportunity to practice Spanish in real-life communicative situations. Each programme naturally includes classroom time devoted to perfecting the four communication skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) using presentations, correspondence, minutes, reports, tenders and social media, etc., and paying particular attention to grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and intonation and general and corporate culture. But besides this, we include classes in real-life professional situations by accompanying and mentoring professionals in their various everyday situations and tasks, enabling us to monitor progress, optimise learning and maximise the opportunities offered by immersion.