Spanish culture

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Spanish for specific purposes: Spanish culture

If your personal goals and interests involve acquiring essential and specific knowledge about aspects of Spanish culture such as lifestyles, customs, literature, cinema, music or art, look no further. At Think in Spanish, we organise specific courses with a programme tailored to your needs.

  • Social and political organisation in Spain: political and administrative structures, the economy and industry, the employment system, education, health, the media, etc.
  • Lifestyles: daily life (types of family, women, young people, senior citizens, work-life balance, daily routines); the home and the street (courtesy, habits, gestures); festivals and traditions (rituals, spirituality, paganism).
  • History and archaeology: major milestones in Spanish history.
  • Art: Spain’s contribution to European art. Masters of Spanish painting.
  • Literature: a voyage of discovery of the major works of Hispanic literature, paying particular attention to novels and poetry from the 20th century to the present day.
  • Cinema: masterpieces of Hispanic cinema.

Morning classes are complemented by a programme of social and cultural activities tailored to the Spanish culture course.