Unit plan

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Unit plan: In search of the Holy Grail


  • LEVEL: B1. Foreign students from different countries. Adults.
  • City: LEÓN.
  • Group: 12 students.
  • DURATION: Three sessions lasting two hours each.

De Locutus Borg (José-Manuel Benito Álvarez) – Trabajo propio, CC BY-SA 3.0, Enlace

    The aim of this unit is for students to achieve the following objectives:
  1. Communicative objectives
  2. Ask for, understand and give directions to a specific place.
  3. Express opinions and preferences on the unit plan subject.
  4. Socio-cultural objectives
  5. Find out, prioritise and select what to see of a city’s heritage and know where to obtain this information.
  6. Find out about and visit León’s main historical heritage sites, and give an objective and subjective opinion on them.
  7. Express and understand the concept of the Holy Grail in the literal and metaphorical sense.
  8. Contrasting sources, critically assess the information available about an event or argument.
  9. Pragmatic objective
  10. Defend and refute a given argument or stance.
  11. Intercultural objective
  12. Compare everything discovered and learnt about the Holy Grail with its literal and connotative meaning in the culture of origin.
  13. FINAL TASK:Activity in which each student will travel from a previously agreed part of the city or from their place of residence to the Basilica of San Isidoro to see the Holy Grail. In class, each student will subsequently present a digital projection of a photograph they have taken of San Isidoro and the chalice of Doña Urraca, together with a sentence or short paragraph they have written about their own personal Holy Grail.
  14. SKILLS: Oral and written expression, listening and reading comprehension, interaction.
  15. DYNAMICS: Individual, pair-work and group activities. In the classroom and in the city.