Why choose León?

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Why you should come to León to learn Spanish

The city of León is located in the northwest of Spain. It is home to a little over 127,000 inhabitants, more than 90% of whom are native Spanish speakers.

It is a very attractive town for visitors and boasts many advantages:

  • León is large enough to have everything you could want to see but small enough for everything to be just a stone’s throw from some of the most captivating sites in Spain. It is easy to go everywhere on foot but there is also an extensive bus network connecting the city centre with local neighbourhoods and outlying villages.
  • It is a very safe city, with one of the lowest crime rates in Spain. Day or night, you can walk around León with all the peace of mind a provincial capital confers.
  • It is an unpolluted city. León’s main economic activities include services, administration, retail and education.
  • It is only 2 hours from Madrid by high-speed train (the AVE) and 1 hour from the Asturian coast; new motorways speed travellers on their way to Galicia and the historic Ruta de la Plata (Silver Route) starts here.
  • The province extends over 151, 581 km2 and its countryside hosts a wealth of biodiversity.
  • Leon has a vibrant hospitality industry with restaurants of all kinds and some very affordable prices, serving highly regarded traditional cooking or exquisite creative cuisine. It is no coincidence that León has been crowned the GASTRONOMIC CAPITAL OF SPAIN 2018.

Founded in the 1st century as a Roman military camp, León has had an eventful history, endowing both the city and the province with a spectacular historic and artistic heritage. León is a very important stage on the World Heritage-listed Saint James Way (the Camino de Santiago). It also has the second largest university in Castile and León, the autonomous region of which it forms part, and its university community of over 10,000 people ensures a vibrant cultural and social life. In addition, León is the City of Shopping, hosting major Spanish fashion brands such as Zara and Purificación Garcia and department stores such as El Corte Inglés.

The city offers an infinite variety of cultural opportunities throughout the year, including an International Organ Festival in the cathedral in October and the Purple Weekend in early December. León is particularly famous for its bars, which are highly appreciated by visitors, and one of the most popular social activities among residents and tourists alike is to stroll around the renowned BARRIO HÚMEDO and BARRIO ROMÁNTICO  sampling the free tapas of ham, cheese or other delicacies served with their wine or beer.

Leon, a historic city

For all these reasons, León is appreciated by our students as an exceptional town to learn Spanish language. They can interact with native speakers, enjoy cultural activities for all preferences and know Spanish history through its cultural patrimony. Also they can live a Spanish way of live in a welcoming medium-sized city wonderfully easy to explore.

In all scheduled courses, Think in Spanish incorporates cultural and touristic activities in the city and  the countryside. In this way,  the students are different opportunities to speak and listen Spanish. They  learn language as tool to sort out situations in real life contexts and at the same time,  they enjoy  attractive social and cultural proposals.